Philipp Hancke to speak on his blackbox discoveries at Twilio’s Signal Conference

Lead &yet WebRTC engineer Philipp “fippo” Hancke has been very busy recently examining the inner workings of some of your favorite voice and video services. Just a few weeks ago, he wrote up his findings on the popular chat app WhatsApp for webrtcH4cKS. And this week, we have an analysis of Facebooks Messenger service, which recently added videochat.

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Later this month, he’ll be speaking candidly about more of his discoveries at Twilio’s SIGNAL Conference in San Francisco. In “WebRTC exposed: What we can learn from blackbox exploration of popular voice & video services” fippo explains the findings as well as the lessons that can be learned for WebRTC.

If you’ll be at SIGNAL be sure to ping fippo) or Peter to say hello!

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