FluentConf talk: WebRTC and ORTC live together in perfect harmony?

Fippo and I gave a talk this week at Fluent covering:

  • The basic fundamentals of WebRTC
  • How easy it is to get started building an app with SimpleWebRTC
  • What 'signaling' means
  • Why IETF controversy over multiparty signaling led to ORTC
  • What's different about ORTC and why telephony engineers such as Fippo like it (and why web developers won't care)
  • &yet's future plans to support WebRTC and ORTC with SimpleWebRTC

Gar even was able to make a cameo appearance to kick off the talk with an acapella Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney cover with some twisted lyrics:

WebRTC and ORTC live together in perfect harmony side by side on my laptop keyboard Oh, Lord, hopefully...?

Here's the slides from the talk

Thank you to the Fluent staff who were great hosts and incredibly well organized.

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