Introducing Talky Beta

Today, we're announcing a public beta of the next generation of Talky - &yet's simple video chat and screensharing app for groups.

And, in a few weeks, we'll be announcing a Kickstarter. But more on that later—first I want to tell you about what's new in the Talky beta.

I hesitate to go all Jonny Ive on you, but seriously: the new version of Talky has been reconsidered, reengineered, and redesigned from the ground up. And everything we've been building has been open sourced as part of Otalk, our open WebRTC platform.

Here's the key improvements

With the new Talky Beta, you'll be able to:

  • Video chat with more participants than Google Hangouts.
  • Have text chat conversations.
  • Enjoy a new UI optimized for the way we have face-to-face group conversations, allowing you to make the face of each person in the discussion visible at all times and as large as possible. (We have more thoughts and plans in this direction, too!)

You can find the next generation of Talky at

We've been using this version internally at &yet for nearly 8 months and after many months of iteration, we feel it's ready to share with you.

But this is still a beta—for example, mobile support isn't there right now on any platform. (It's coming though!)

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