Silo-Free WebRTC at VUC

One of the most talked about presentations at RealtimeConf 2013 was yeti Lance Stout and Philipp Hancke's demonstration of WebRTC signaling over XMPP, resulting in a federated video call within the browser.

This demo caught the attention of The VoIP Users Conference, or VUC a weekly, live discussion about all the telephony things, which began in 2007. Lance and Philipp will be joining the VUC community on December 27 at noon (Eastern Time) to discuss the potential of WebRTC as an interoperable tool to communicate within established protocols.

Philipp and Lance have been working together for some time on projects (strophe.jingle and, respectively) that push forward the ability of developers to utilize XMPP in tandem with the web, specifically WebRTC.

Join their conversation two weeks from today on Friday, December 27, at the, or track it on their Google+ community.

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