Announcing the RealtimeConf US, RedisConf, and WebRTC Camp call for speakers and some more details!

First—some important news: We've changed the dates.

Early this year, we announced dates for RealtimeConf, RedisConf, and a brand new, WebRTC-focused event. A short time later, our friends at LxJS announced their dates—which were unfortunately the same. We immediately reached out, discussed the mix-up, and determined that we were in the best position to change our dates.

After getting back to the states after being part of a wonderful first-time RealtimeConf EU smashingly organized by Julien Genestoux, we've reset dates and, in the meantime, we've made tremendous headway on conference planning.

Last year, we had a full week of Realtime events and we're just ramping that up a notch, by adding a full day focused on the most exciting realtime technology to hit the web: WebRTC.

Here's what Realtime Week looks like this year:

RedisConf: October 17

We are quite thrilled to be teaming up on RedisConf with Ben Arent, founder of RedisToGo, a significant contributor to the first RedisConf, and the organizer of the San Francisco Redis Meetup. Ben's passion for Redis makes him a perfect fit and we're excited to be working with him! Here's the call for speakers for RedisConf.

RealtimeConf US: October 18-19

Here's what attendees said about last year's RealtimeConf:

RealtimeConf: in the words of attendees and speakers from &yet on Vimeo.

You’ll really kick yourself if you miss this year—and it will most definitely sell out FAST.

You can join the mailing list.

Here's the casting call for RealtimeConf.

WebRTC Camp: October 20

We’ll be co-organizing with a couple of our friends and heroes: Amber Case and Aaron Parecki of Esri R&D. Expect a mix of educational talks and demos of the amazing things people are already buildling with WebRTC. Here's the call for speakers.

US XMPP Summit: October 21-22 (independently organized)

We're excited to see a continuation of developments that have emerged over the past year as a result of some of the community cross-pollination from RealtimeConf. We're looking forward to a lot of discussion around WebRTC + XMPP this year.

Best way to stay in the loop on the planning for the 2013 US XMPP Summit is to join the public mailing list.

If you're interested in sponsoring RedisConf, RealtimeConf, or WebRTC Camp, you can reach out to

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