Talky for iOS is now available on the App Store

We are very excited to announce that the iOS app for Talky is now available for download on the App Store.

(Can I get a woohoo?)

Take a quick look

join room screenshot

You'll use the same approach to starting a conversation as Talky on the web.

joined room screenshot

One quick tap and you'll be able to copy the room's URL, or just click the "+" and send an invite via text or email.

In addition to other iOS users, the people you invite can use Talky on Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on the desktop, or on Chrome or Firefox on Android devices.

three people on screen

(Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that not all Talky conversations will feature the most delightfully amazing Leslie!)

The rest of the story

Not long ago, in January 2014, the conversation around integrating iOS with WebRTC started to gain momentum here at &yet.

With the addition of Peter Saint-Andre, formerly an architect on Cisco's WebEx service and an area director at the IETF, and WebRTC expert Philipp Hancke to our team, we were poised to take Talky development to the next level.

When we first released Talky in 2013, it was already solving a big problem for our team. Talky gave us the ability to communicate more naturally and effectively, especially as a distributed team. It was originally a demo for SimpleWebRTC, a Javascript library you can use to quickly build apps like Talky. But we had no idea how well it would be received. Talky continues to steadily grow and we love hearing from all our users.

The initial prototype for Talky iOS was created by &yet's quietly awesome iOS developer, Jon Hjelle. Who, if you know well, was quite displeased with the mention of his name in this blog post. (Hjon, please accept my most sincere apologies!)

The final Talky iOS app was completed in partnership with Steamclock Software. The dev team at Steamclock polished the prototype through some major changes to the WebRTC library, including the very important addition of resilient video support. The end result is a more featureful app and delightful user experience.

The iOS app also paves the way for our forthcoming Talky Pro service, which will give users the same experience as Talky, but optimized for business, complete with personalized branding.

Talky is built on top of the Otalk platform, a suite of completely open and standards-based tools for making modern communication a delightful experience for developers and users alike.

As a team we're excited about WebRTC and its future contributions to open communication.

If you have a WebRTC project you think we could help with, we'd love to hear about it.

Just want to chat? We'd love to hear from you, too! =)

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