Finally, something Daft Punk can be proud of

Thanks to you, our loyal Talky users, today we’re launching an all-new version that’s better, faster, stronger. (We can’t say harder, better, faster, stronger because actually we’ve been making it easier!)

Among other things we’ve added a few of the features you’ve requested most, such as in-session text chat so you can share links and other information during a call.

The big deal, though, is that we’ve upgraded the entire technology behind Talky so that you can meet with 15 or more people, at once. We’ve been using it regularly at &yet and it’s been great for our weekly full-team hangouts.

This version has been in beta for a few months now and it’s finally ready for prime time. We’ve also released an updated version of the Talky iOS app that works with the new backend technology so you can join a Talky room on the go from your iPhone or iPad.

Oh, and the same basic code runs our Talky On-Site product, too (which is available now).

But our work is never over, so we’ll keep on making improvements. Try it out and send us your feedback so we know what to focus on next!

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